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Estimade is a tool for creating, managing, automating and optimizing estimates for your company's service projects.

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With Estimade, you will automate the process of creating quotes, based on your saved services and tasks. You can freely create categories under which you price tasks.

Estimade allows you to create a catalog of services and tasks, with hourly rates assigned to them. You can freely describe each task, specify estimated completion time and assign execution priorities.

You can freely create categories under which you price tasks. Moreover, you can create categories whose labor intensity is calculated dynamically, based on related categories.

Prepare offers in XLS and PDF files styled in accordance with your brand's visual identity. Select the components of your offer and create them in no time!

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Designed for companies pricing projects based on man-hours

Do you work in an IT company or are you a freelancer? Do you run a consulting or advisory business? Or are you a lawyer?

All of these industries share a common trait: you offer customized services. These services are often unique - very rarely are there two projects where you can put carbon paper on and say: this will be exactly the same service!

Estimade is a game-changer in offering our services. I can't wait for the launch of the full version!

Marek Golan, Co-Founder and CEO at Dogtronic Software House

Reduce estimation creation time by up to ten times!

We created Estimade with recurring tasks in mind, priced differently each time.

  • The catalog of services will make sure that you include all, even the smallest details of the quote every time,
  • Creating quotation templates will further reduce the time to prepare subsequent quotations,
  • Instant export of your personalized quotation to XLS or PDF files - no more copying, adjusting and correcting the quotation layout!
  • Export tasks to external design tools - with one click, the entire scope of your project will go into Jira, for example,
  • A catalog of contractors and inquiries will help you control the sales process of your services

How can Estimade help you with pricing?

Speed of creating offers

We have found that it can take up to 20hrs or more to prepare an offer.

Estimade helps to significantly eliminate this problem. Thanks to the mechanism of cataloging the tasks performed and monitoring the real working time, the quotation does not always have to be done from scratch. It is enough for the Project Manager to select the appropriate modules from the catalog and the system will automatically calculate the number of man-hours required to complete the tasks. It is then enough for each team member to add only those tasks that are missing (thus updating the catalog) and... Backlog is ready!

The Sales Department can then adjust only the predefined labor-hour rates of each team, add any risks, and we already have all the information we need.

And what about the final bid presentation?

This too can be handled for you by Estimade. By defining the elements of your visual identity, you can generate a full bid in just a few clicks.

Estimade makes it possible for you to complete all the above steps in up to 10 times faster. Interestingly, the longer you work with Estimade, the more your process is optimized.


Cost reduction

Assuming, for simplicity, an average hourly rate of $50/hr, the involvement of employees in quoting for about 20hrs generates a cost of $1000!

As the quoting time is reduced by up to 10 times, the cost of creating quotes should be reduced proportionally.

Importantly, thanks to Estimade, cost reduction takes place not only at the valuation stage. With a catalog of services and detailed descriptions of the criteria for completing each task, you reduce the risk of a difference between the client's expectations and your ideas about the task. So you are less likely to hear "I expected you to also do... as part of this task" because the performance criteria for the tasks are known even before the work begins!

What's more, by integrating Estimade with external project management tools (Trello, Jira, etc.), you can automatically export accepted tasks in minutes instead of delegating this manual migration to another employee.


Repeatability of pricing

Estimade eliminates the problem of pricing similar projects differently. By using pricing templates, duplicating backlogs and cataloging tasks with their labor intensity, you are assured that a single task in the basic scope will always be priced the same as in another project. You can, of course, make individual modifications within individual valuations, changing the scope or labor intensity.

Estimade, thanks to the ability to verify valuations against real time worked (integrations with time trackers), also allows you to recommend changes to the estimates of individual tasks, making subsequent valuations even more reliable.


Professionalism and aesthetics of offers

Our team knows that in addition to accurate pricing, saving time and money, and efficiency in operations, aesthetics and personalization of generated offers are equally important. That's why we have developed modules that allow you to define elements of your brand branding, describe the services you perform and include your portfolio in the offer presentation. This ensures that the offer generated in Estimade will be unique and original, and your customer will feel that the offer they receive was created with special care - especially for them.


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